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Author Topic: Samsung CEO: Galaxy S4 Has Sold Over 40 Million Units In First 6 Months  (Read 2077 times)


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There's been a lot of speculation about just how many Galaxy S4 phones Samsung has been able to sell since its launch some 6 months ago.  While the company announced an initial milestone of 10 million a scant month or so after release, we haven't heard anything since as far as concrete numbers.  In fact rumor had it that after initial demand was satiated, the sales volume fell of a cliff so much so that the company was rushing to have the Galaxy S5 ready for launch perhaps as early as this January!   

Well folks, it seems the naysayers and doubters were well...full of baloney because Samsung CEO JK Shin just revealed that not only has the company's flagship phone been selling just fine, it actually sold 20 million units in only the first 2 months on the market...and over 40 million during the first 6 months.   Now those are some impressive numbers folks and they don't even include the S4 derivatives such as the S4 Active or Zoom! 

Now compare this to the previous generation Galaxy S3 which sold 30 million units in its first 6 months of availability and it would seem that the S4 is in fact quite a success.  Now it is of course possible that the company had even loftier sales goals in mind...but 40 mil ain't nothing to sneeze at.


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