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Author Topic: Galaxy S4 Software Update: Move Apps To SD/HDR Video Recording...  (Read 1396 times)


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True to their word to help rectify storage concerns on Galaxy S4 handsets via a software optimization, owners have begun seeing a software update roll out that enables the ability to move apps over to be stored on the SD card, freeing up handset memory.  There's other updates and new features too.  A partially transparent notification bar for custom wallpapers, new camera software that enables HDR video recording and an 'increased legibility' display mode.  There's also been updates to S Planner and Settings icons.  There's even been a Smart Pause toggle added to the drop-down list.  It's a fairly large update of 366MB that US owners of Snapdragon 600 equipped S4's should see over the next few days.  If you notice anything else new feature-wise please let us know in the comments!


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