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Author Topic: Life proof? You bet  (Read 3008 times)


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Life proof? You bet
« on: September 30, 2014, 01:09:09 AM »
We all know about the S4 active that can go underwater at 3 ft for 30 minutes. Now, how about a case that can let you go under for TWO meters, 6.6 feet, has an anti reflective optical glass window over the camera to take advantage of the superior picture quality, AND is shock proof from a drop of two meters as well? Lifeproof came out with it. It seals over the charging port and headphone port and has a waterproof headphone extender to plug in without removing case. Downside? The front and back of the case are a thin plastic that looks like it could scratch easily. And the eighty dollar price tag could make you pause, but think about it. You can double the specs of the S4 active, and you can even attach a lanyard to wear over the neck. It looks similar to the Defender case, but this fared well in reviews, which the Defender did not from what I've read. I've been more than happy, and yes, I put it underwater for thirty minutes to test it. Then I did it with the phone inside. That's faith.


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